Warwick Lions Club and Warwick Valley Rotary Club

Doug Stage, a member of the Warwick Lions Club and Warwick Valley Rotary Club, help over 150 children and their families have a better Christmas season. The two clubs combine to host two separate events, both on the same day.

We located children in need, invite them to the party. If transportation needed, Doug coordinates the Lions club children’s rides, with 4 additional persons helping to pick up the children.

This year, Doug got to drive a 15 passenger van and transported 9 children to and from the party.

At the party, the children “shop” for their immediate family members (“shopping” is at no cost to the children, the Lions and Rotary get sponsors and donate funds for the gifts). At the party the children wrap the gifts for the family members, decorate a cookie to take home, get a professional portrait, which is delivered to the families around Christmas day, get a take home photo with Santa, get a meal and Santa comes at the end and each child gets an outfit and a toy!

Smiles abound and the club members enjoy it as much if not more than the children!

This was Doug’s 30th year doing this type of event for children in need.

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