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Town of Warwick Democratic Committee

Doug & Chris Stage were recently honored for their support of the Warwick Democratic Party over the last several years. They were humbled by the award and gratefully thanked the Committee. Doug & Chris continue to serve the community in many ways, including their work with the local Warwick Lions Club, Warwick Valley Rotary and Village of Warwick Sesquicentennial committee.

Douglas Stage, Honored Once Again

Douglas Stage was honored to once again be invited to the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday services at the UAME Church of Warwick, New York. This is approximately his 10th year of being asked to participate in this ceremony honoring the life and ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr. Douglas stressed in his talk the need that racial tensions are once again high and that we should all be working towards resolution of these issues and we should respect our police officers in appreciation of the difficult job that they have every day.

Douglas Stage Rewarded Exemplary Legal Counsel

The Union African Methodist Episcopal Church of Warwick, New York honored Douglas R. Stage, Esq. for his exemplary legal counsel provided to them over the last ten years.

Mr. Stage was involved when the church’s edifice, which had been there for 100 years, was transferred to the Historical Society of the Town of the Warwick and he prepared the legal paperwork for the transfer. The 100 year old church was actually moved through the Village streets and many people came out to witness the move.

Furthermore, Doug Stage helped them finance their new church building, including working through the construction contracts and financing the completed new church.

Mr. Stage has also been an annual speaker at the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration, for Union African American Methodist Episcopal Church for the last six years.

Union AME Church Award-01

Union AME Church Award-02